moby simplifies how businesses onboard, verify and authenticate their customers

Dynamic Workflow

moby provides you the flexibility to connect identities and credentials to any business requirement and workflow.  Define your own data structures to streamline integrated and lower the barrier to entry.  The dynamic workflow builder enables you to quickly pivot and manage industry changes or regulatory requirements.

Digital Identity Verification

moby combines our certified liveness detection and ID validation technologies with third-party issuing and authoritative sources to verify your customers’ identity to your required level of assurance.  Digital identity verification eliminates traditional hardware and software costs to ensure your customers are who they claim to be.

LIVE API Marketplace

moby delivers you a conduit to effectively manage multiple workflows without the traditional expense and resource commitments of adding another API.  Enables you to use any of our proprietary applications as well as leading third party developers and issuing agencies to drag and drop selected APIs directly into your business flow.

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